Transition to Adulthood - Introduction

When we say "Transition", we're talking about how a child or young adult moves from school-based services to life after school.

Image of a person leaving school with an arrow pointing to services one receives after school. There is a question mark, an image of a diploma, a briefcase, a house and a medical cross.

Transition can be scary for the kids and parents. But the important thing is to be ready ahead of time, and to know what kind of support you can get. 

This Guide is for families of students who have an IEP and are in high school or middle school.

  • The school has many ways to support students who have IEPs and help them prepare for life after high school.
  • This process is called Transition because your child will transition to life as an adult.

We'll answer these questions:

Image of parent character Paula beside a thought bubble with the text 'In this guide, we'll answer these questions: How can I help my child to get through high school and prepare for life as an adult? What services and support can the school offer? How can my child prepare for college or finding a job? What if they need intese support for daily life? What organizations and state benefits can help them after high school?'  

You and your child have some choices about their high school coursework and services, depending on their goals for the future.

Read on and we'll help you with the process!

The Overview will tell you briefly about:

  1. The main things you should know about graduation pathways, transition services and planning

  2. What you can do to make sure your child gets what they need

  3. What the school can do for your child

The FAQ section will answer common questions about the transition process and supports.


If your child does not have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan):


We hope this Guide will answer your questions. If not, we'll tell you who to call.

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