Work With You On Grad Pathway, Course Plan and Services

Your IEP team should help you to learn about and coordinate these pieces.  

Grad pathway:

  • Which pathway is the best fit for your child: TOPS University, Jump Start (TOPS Tech) or the Alternate pathway?

Course plan:

  • Your team should help you plan a schedule of courses that will meet the requirements of the graduation pathway and fit with your child's goals.

  • This is often called an Individualized Graduation Plan, or IGP.

Services and programs: 

  • The school should tell you about the special services and programs that are available to help your child learn the skills they'll need to meet their goals. These may include job training, study skills, social skills or community engagement activities. They must be written into the Transition Plan. 

  • Your IEP Team can connect you to the agencies that can offer support if your child will need services as an adult after they leave school. (For example: job training, personal care services)