Follow The Expectations In The LDOE's Strategies For Success Guidebook

This Guidebook describes what the Department of Education is asking all Louisiana schools to work towards.

These are the things they want the schools to do well:

  • Know your child's challenges and needs, and follow their IEP.

  • Keep open communication with you.

  • Identify possible graduation pathways.

  • Help you and your child make a Transition Plan that includes goals in these areas:

    • Education

    • Employment

    • Independent living

    • Community engagement

  • Provide and coordinate instructional supports and services that align to your child's graduation pathway, as described in the IEP.

  • Help your child find and participate in job training activities, such as hands-on work experiences.

  • Provide opportunities to learn and practice self-determination and self-advocacy skills.

  • Connect your child to external agencies that will help them with their goals for adult life.

    • OCDD: the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities. You can connect with this office through your local Human Services District or Authority.

    • LRS: Louisiana Rehabilitative Services

    • Centers for Independent Living

  • Identify and do the assessments that are appropriate for your child:

    • Decide if they qualify for the Alternate Assessments or 833

    • Share the results with you

    • Explain the results and options clearly and make sure you understand them

If your school is not doing some of these things, you can talk to them about it. (Mention this Guidebook!)

Click on the link at the bottom of the page to download this checklist. (It will open in a new tab or appear in the bottom corner of your screen.)

What if the school is not doing these things?

  • Remember that the school is trying to keep your child's best interests in mind. But sometimes they can get overwhelmed. The first step is to talk to the IEP team and tell them about your concerns.

  • If the IEP team is not responding to your needs, talk to the principal. If that doesn't work, talk to the director of your school district.

  • See our other Guide: Getting Special Education Services. (Click to open it in a new tab.) This has a section that describes the whole process if you have a complaint.

Source: Strategies for Success: A Guidebook for Supporting Students with Disabilities, The Louisiana Department of Education, 2017.