Talk To Your Child About Their Vision For The Future

Think carefully about their future goals, their challenges, and what kind of support they need to reach these goals.

What do you see your child doing after high school, or after they are 22 and no longer in a school program?

Image of a sunImage of movie tickets

What will they do during the days? 
What will they do for fun?
How well can they engage in community activities?

Image of a house Image of a shopping cart
Where will they live? 
How will they pay for housing?
Can they live on their own or will they need support? 
Can they get around on their own?

Image of a briefcase  Image of a scale  Image of two people

Will they have a job with a paycheck?
What kind of a job?
Would they need a job coach or special work program?

Image of a healthcare cross  Image of a checkbox with a checkmark
Will they need help making decisions?
Can they make safe choices? 

  • Will they live with you, get an apartment or live in a group setting? Will they look for a job or continue with school? What community activities do they want to be part of?

  • Think about what support or training they need to prepare for that life. Will they need to learn social skills, job skills or study skills? Will they need someone to help with independent living skills?

Decide on a Graduation Pathway

  • If your child wants to go on to college, you’ll probably choose the TOPS University pathway.

  • If they want to train for a specific career, you may choose Jumpstart (also called TOPS Tech).

  • Make sure that you talk with your IEP team about the choices and what they mean for your child’s future.