Be Thoughtful About The IEP And Transition Plan

Make sure the IEP reflects your child's goals, and that it’s being followed.

Include these in the IEP:

  • A clear and realistic description of your child’s vision for their future

  • All diagnoses your child has

  • Detailed descriptions of the challenges they have that might affect their ability to live independently, get a job, or do academic work

  • Detailed explanations of why they need services and accommodations

Make sure the school is providing all services and accommodations listed in the IEP.

  • Make sure your child is getting the right kind of support to meet their IEP goals, transition plan, and graduation requirements.

  • Remember, the school is legally required to follow the IEP!

Work with your child and their IEP team to create a detailed transition plan:

  • Ask for a meeting and work together to create a Transition Plan. Your child should be part of this process if they are able.

  • Be sure to ask about services, special programs and accommodations. If a new challenge comes up, talk to the team about it.

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