Keep Track And Speak Up

Keep track of your child’s progress and know their abilities:

  • Keep talking to your child about how things are going in school. Monitor their grades and progress reports.

  • Look at all of their assessments (school, informal). Understand how their performance compares to the standard expectations for their grade level.

  • Stay in touch with their teachers and counselors. Have a good relationship. Ask them if you don't understand something. Ask for meetings at least once a year with the IEP Team. (But you can ask for a meeting any time you want!)

Speak up if you feel your child is not getting the support they need:

  • Remember that the school is trying to keep your child's best interests in mind. But sometimes they can get overwhelmed. The first step is to talk to the IEP team and tell them about your concerns.

  • If the IEP team is not responding to your needs, talk to the principal. If that doesn't work, talk to the director of your school district.

Image of a person speaking up in a crowd of people beside the text 'Speak up if you don't get what you need! You know your child best, and you have a right to push for the services that support their goals.'