Communicate Clearly With You

The school should also communicate clearly with you and make sure that you understand your child's services, school performance and progress toward their goals.

  • The school should meet with you to explain your child's services, IEP and Transition Plan anytime you want.

  • You should be able to get your child's records and tests results anytime you want. And the school should explain them to you so you understand what they mean.

  • All meetings and paperwork should be in a language that you understand.


Do you speak a different language? Know your rights! 

Image of the word language in several different languagesYou have a right to get all information in your own language! This means paperwork and meetings.

Ask for an interpreter or translated notices if you need them!



Click on the link at the end of the page to download a sample form to request your child's school records.

Keep records of all your communications with the school!

  • Include emails, letters, phone calls, even conversationsImage of a file folder and ruled paper
  • Make sure there's a date
  • This can prove what you have asked for, and when
  • It may help later on if you have to stick up for your rights

If you talk with a teacher or someone from the school district and agree on something, follow it up with an email.

Image of a new email notification
"It was nice to talk to you today, Mrs. Smith. Thank you for agreeing to make sure Joe sits at the front of the class. That will help him a lot."