Tests For Grade Promotion And Graduating

There are different kinds of tests high school students must take in order to move on to the next grade, graduate, or apply to college.

This includes regular tests in their courses, state performance assessments, and standardized tests like SATs.

These are tests that students must pass so they can move to the next grade and ultimately graduate:

  • EOCs - End of Course Assessments: These are the regular tests at the end of each course to show that a student knows the material. Students must pass a certain number of these to graduate. Louisiana is starting to phase these out in favor of LEAP 2025 assessments.

  • LEAP 2025 Assessments: The Louisiana Education Assessment Program (LEAP) is the term for the statewide performance assessments. These are tests given every year to all Louisiana students in grades 3-12. They can tell how well a student is meeting the expectations for their grade level, and identify when they need extra support. There are tests for a variety of subjects.

  • LEAP Connect or Alternate Assessments: The state performance tests for students with more significant challenges.

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