The Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)

Once you have chosen a graduation pathway and written the transition plan, you can work with your IEP team to complete an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP).

What is an IGP?

  • It's a plan that describes a student's path through high school. It includes what courses they will take and how the teachers will assess their performance.

  • The IEP team will work together to create this plan.

  • An IGP will help to coordinate your child's courses and make sure they complete the requirements for graduation and for their college goals.

  • Click here for a blank IGP form

These 3 pieces must work together:

Image showing the three pieces of an Individual Graduation Plan that must coordinate with each other, 'The Transition Plan: Describes goals and action steps to prepare for life after high school The Graduation Pathway: (TOPS, Jumpstart programs),and The list of Courses to take in high school.

Here's what you can do:

  • Work with the IEP team to create a graduation plan you feel is best for your child.  It should mesh their graduation pathways and college goals.

  • Make sure these 3 pieces fit together.

  • Monitor how things are going for your child.

  • Make sure all services and accommodations listed in the IEP or 504 plan are being done.

For example: 

  • Does their course schedule allow them to finish the graduation requirements for the type of diploma they plan to get?

  • Will the type of diploma support their goals for after high school?