Taking Care Of Yourself

As we said, you have a hard job, but hopefully it's a rewarding one!

When you take care of someone with many challenges, you need to connect with others and take care of yourself.

Here are some ways to do that:

Image of parent character Paula smiling
Take a break
when you need it!

Don't drift away from your friends and community - they are usually there to help you out.

Join a support group or Facebook group to connect to other parents.

Reach out to others when you need help.

Look for counseling services. Some of your child's service programs may include counseling and support for parents - just ask!



Join our Louisiana Exceptional Lives Facebook Group!

  • This is a moderated group to give parents a respectful place to share ideas, answers and feelings about caring for a child with a disability.

See our Resource Directory to find more help. Find it in Tools at the top of the page. Look in the section called Parent & Caregiver Support