Write A Transition Plan

The IEP team should help you write a Transition Plan that prepares your child for their adult life goals.

  • This will describe your child's future goals and what kind of services and support they'll need during high school to help them reach these goals. Some schools will assign a Transition Coordinator who will be part of the IEP team.

  • This might include learning skills to get a job, go on to a college program, or get adult care services to help them with their daily living needs. Some examples are job readiness training, job exploration counseling, study skills classes, self-advocacy training, internships.

  • The plan should include accommodations for taking tests and assessments.

  • Accommodations are adjustments to the conditions to make testing more equitable for a student with a disability. Some examples are more time to finish or a separate room where they can take the test.

  • In Louisiana, the IEP must include Transition Planning by the time your child turns 16.

Remember the team includes you and your child. Sometimes there will also be a Transition Coordinator.

The Transition Plan should address these areas:

Image showing the text 'Further education and training, Employment, Independent or supported living, Commuinty participation'