Help You Create A Transition Plan

The school is required to start formal transition planning for students on IEPs once they turn 16.

Your IEP Team should talk to you about transition and work with you and your child to write a Transition Plan.

This will describe your child's future goals and what kind of services and support they'll need during high school to help them reach these goals.

  • Some schools will assign a Transition Coordinator, who will be part of the IEP team.

  • You and the Team will also decide on a graduation pathway and map out a plan for your child's courses and activities.

  • The transition plan can include special services and programs offered by the school to help your child learn the skills they'll need to meet their goals.

  • The plan will also include connecting you to outside adult service agencies that can support your child

See the other FAQs to learn more about the Transition Plan, graduation pathways, outside agencies and ways the school can help prepare your child for employment or college.