What Is Act 833?

Act 833 allows students to prove what they've learned with a non-traditional assessment. 

They must qualify, and then work with the IEP team to set it up. 

Facts about Act 833:

  • It's a law that allows a student to use different methods of showing what they learned besides the regular LEAP assessment or End of Course (EOC) test.

  • It can allow some students who struggle with traditional testing to move on to the next grade, or to get credit for a course towards graduation requirements.

  • Your child can qualify for this before 9th grade, even as early as 3rd or 4th grade!

  • See Louisiana's 833 Planning Guide for more details.

If your child qualifies:

  • They would not have to pass the LEAP assessments to move to the next grade, or pass  EOC tests to get course credit.

  • Instead, you and the IEP team could choose different kinds of assessments to prove they have learned the material.

  • For example, instead of a written test, they could do an interview, oral presentation or a portfolio of their work.

To qualify, students must meet one of these criteria:

  1. Did not meet the required scores on state assessments in two out of three most recent years (in middle and elementary school).

  2. Did not get a score of Fair, Good, or Excellent on two tries of the same EOC test, or "approaching basic" on the LEAP 2025 test