The Basics Of Employment Prep

There are many ways your child can get support during high school to help them prepare for getting a job.

Your child's IEP and Transition Plan should include specific supports that fit with their job goals. Here are some examples:

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS):

  • These services help students prepare for getting--and keeping--a job.

  • Your child can explore career options and learn the basic skills they need like interviewing, being responsible and communicating well in a workplace.

  • They can also take your child to real worksites so they can see what certain jobs are like.

  • All high schools should offer this to students on IEPs.

Internships ("Work-Based Learning Experiences"):

  • Mosts schools offer internships so your child can get work experience while in high school.

  • Students who have done this in high school are more likely to find and keep a job after high school! This is through the Career & Technical Education (CTE) department.

Jump Start Career Pathway (also Called TOPS Tech):

  • This pathway trains your child for a specific type of job during high school, and prepares them for a technical or community college . They'd graduate with a diploma and a "Credential" for a certain type of job.

Here's What You Can Do: 

  • Talk to your IEP team about what kind of skills your child needs, and what the school can offer.

  • Make sure to ask about each of the options above.

Read the next pages to learn more about each of these.