Your legal rights for the IEP meeting

The IDEA law gives you certain rights as you go through the IEP process

You will get a written notice about the IEP Meeting.

It is most common for school districts to provide written notice to parents at least 10 days prior to an IEP meeting to ensure parents know of the meeting and can do their best to attend.

Most school districts follow this guideline even though it isn't written into official Louisiana law.

  • It will tell you the date, time, place, and purpose of the meeting.  It will also tell you who will be there.

  • The written notice should be in your native language!

  • You have a right to ask for changes to make it easier for you!

For example, you can ask for: 

  • A different date or time

  • A different place

  • A phone or Skype meeting

  • An interpreter in your own language

Image of a globe with the word 'language' translated into several languages beside the text 'Do you speak a different language? Know your rights. You have the right to get all the information in your own language. This means paperwork and meetings. Ask for an interpreter or translated notices if you need them!'


Source: LA DOE