Coordinating the high school plan with the IEP team

There are 3 important pieces to your child's high school plan:

Image of a large equilateral triangle with the heading 'These all must be coordinated.' At the top of the triangle is the text '1. The transition plan describes goals and action steps for what they'll do after high school.' At the left corner of the triangle is the text '2. Exit Document: what kind of diploma they'll get (TOPS, Jumpstart, etc.).' At the right corner of the triangle is the text '3. Individual Graduation Plan: list of courses to take in high school.'

Here's what you can do:

  • Talk to your child's main IEP teacher. Make sure they are involved in course selection and transition planning. Work with them to create a graduation plan that you feel is best for your child. It’s always good to try for the highest level you think your child can manage.

  • Make sure that these 3 pieces fit together.

  • Monitor how things are going for your child.

  • Make sure all services and accommodations listed in the IEP or 504 plan are being done.

For example:

  • Does their course schedule allow them to finish the graduation requirements for the type of diploma they plan to get?

  • Will the type of diploma they get support their goals for after high school?