The 504 Process

If you think your child may qualify for a 504 Plan, this is the process to follow:

  • Contact the section 504 coordinator at the school to request a section 504 meeting.

  • The 504 coordinator sends a meeting notice for an SBLC meeting to review Section 504 data. Members may include the parent, guidance counselor, evaluation coordinator, and teacher. The Pupil Appraisal Coordinator may also be part of the SBLC.

  • The Section 504 committee meets to review the evaluation data. The review may include the child's evaluation report, historical grades, teacher reports, parent information, state assessment scores, observations, medical information, discipline records, attendance records, and/or health records. A variety of sources should be reviewed.

  • The Section 504 committee determines the child is eligible under Section 504 and develops an Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP).

  • Section 504 plans should be reviewed every year to make sure it continues to be appropriate and can be revised anytime during the school year


Source: LA DOE