Meet with the school again

Here's what you can do:

  1. Contact the school principal, director of special education, or superintendent. Ask for a meeting to talk about your child's needs and why your child did not qualify.

  2. Before the meeting, list the reasons why you feel your child DOES meet the criteria for special education. Gather documents that support your reasons. These documents might include evaluation results, or letters from specialists.

  3. At the meeting, use this evidence to make the case for why your child needs special education services.

Try to be open-minded and understand the rest of the school team's opinions. Remember that this is a team effort, and that the school generally has your child's best interests in mind.

Hopefully this meeting will lead to an agreement on the changes. If that doesn't happen, you still have options! You can ask for a hearing to try to find a solution.

NOTE: If at any point you have a complaint, you can ask for help from outside your school district.


Click the box below to learn about the state's dispute resolution process:

Dispute resolution is a process of resolving disagreements.

The school system has a formal process to go through.This is your legal right.

These are the steps, in order:

Image of a schoolhouse1. Meet with the school again
Share your concerns with the school team and try to work together.


Image of an IEP Binder2. Request a facilitated IEP
Bring in a neutral facilitator to improve communication between you
and the IEP team.


Image of 3 people sitting at a table3. Ask for Mediation
Bring in a neutral mediator who is trained to help resolve issues
between you and the school district.


Image of a signed document

4. File an informal complaint
5. File a formal complaint


Image of a courthouse6. File for a Due Process Hearing
This is a formal meeting, like a court trial. This should be a last resort!


How to find more information:

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You can also contact the State at

Source: LA DOE

Source: LA DOE