Initial intake

The next step is to do the Intake, or Family Assessment with your EarlySteps program.

What to expect:

  • Your EarlySteps program will schedule the intake. Usually they will come to your house, but they can also meet you somewhere else, like a grandparent's house or your child's daycare center.

  • You will meet with an Intake Coordinator. This is the person who will help you through the beginning of the process. They'll tell you about EarlySteps and get to know a bit about your child and your family.

  • They'll ask some questions to get a sense of your child's development. Then they'll help plan a more detailed evaluation. You'll sign a form if you agree for your child to have the evaluation. It's called a Prior Written Notice Form.

  • They'll ask you to choose an evaluator from a list of qualified professionals. You will soon get used to this! This is part of your right to Freedom of Choice. Later, you'll choose your own Family Service Coordinator and providers for the services.

Here's what you can do:

  • Describe your child, your family, and your concerns.

  • Ask any questions you have.

  • Sign the form if you agree to have the evaluation, and choose your evaluator from the list.

At the intake, they will tell you about other services that your child can get later on. These are offered by the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD). They may ask you to give permission to share your child's information with OCDD so they can put you on the list.

You can choose now to let EarlySteps send your child's information to the OCDD office. They'll send it when your child is almost 3, but you can get on the list now. Then they will contact you to do their own assessment of your child's needs. It's good to get on this list soon, even if your child doesn't need the OCDD services at this time.

Image of a checkbox with a check in it.
It's good to say YES to the OCDD services!

You have nothing to lose, and it's good to get the paperwork started now.   

Read more about OCDD on the next page.


Source: LDH