OCDD: Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities

This is a good time to connect with the state for lifelong support services from the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD).

Why is this important?

  • You may be able to get things like respite care, behavior support, crisis services, and cash benefits. 
  • You can get on the wait list right away for services your child may need now or years later, like Medicaid Waivers.
  • When your child is older, they may need help to live independently, stay employed, or interact with their community.

  • Even if your child doesn't need the services now, it's worth getting on the list! There will be a wait unless your child's needs are very urgent.

How do I contact OCDD?  

  • Use the Developmental Disabilities Services Directory to call your local Human Services District Office (HSD). These are the local offices where you can connect with the OCDD programs. (Sometimes they are called HSA: Human Services Authority.)

  • Ask if your child may qualify for Medicaid Waivers. 

  • Ask what other services they may qualify for.


Click on the link at the bottom of the page to download more information on OCDD services. 

We'll tell you more about Medicaid Waivers later in this Guide. You can also see our Medicaid Waivers Guide.


Sources: LDH, OCDD