Choosing a Family Service Coordinator (FSC) Agency

When your child qualifies for EarlySteps, you will choose an agency to assign you a Family Service Coordinator (FSC).

This person will guide you through the process and coordinate your family's EarlySteps services.

The Family Service Coordinator will:

  • explain the process and answer any questions you have

  • schedule a meeting to create an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)

  • help write the IFSP

  • coordinate the services your family gets from EarlySteps

  • be your first contact for questions or concerns

 How do we choose?

  • At the eligibility meeting, your intake coordinator will show you a list of people who are qualified to be FSCs. You will pick one from the list. You can look at the online version of this list to see what it looks like. Click here: Matrix of Service Providers. (It will open in a new tab.)

Screenshot of the matrix of service providers beside the text 'This is what the Matrix looks like. Choose your parish and then choose 'Service Coordination' for the speciality. This is also where you'll choose your service providers later on. If you prefer a language other than English, you can choose your language. Click submit at the bottom to search.'


The next step is to have a meeting and create the IFSP.


Source: LDH