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Learn about transition

As you know, EarlySteps only covers kids who are under 3. But don't worry! This just means that you graduate from EarlySteps. If you still need services, the school system steps in to support you in the same way.

Your EarlySteps program will help you and your child to prepare for this. It's called transition.

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What happens when your child turns 3?

  • You will stop getting EarlySteps services on your child's 3rd birthday.

  • If your child still needs services, you will connect with your town's school system and go through a similar process as with EarlySteps.

  • Your child will have a new evaluation, and you'll get a school liaison (coordinator) who will help you plan a new set of services.

Here's what you can do: 

  • Think about what you want for your child in the next few years.

  • Talk to your FSC about the transition process and what your options are.

  • Learn about what the school system can offer your child.


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If your child still needs services at age 3, the public school system will step in and help you in the same way EarlySteps did.

You will go through a similar process of getting an evaluation and writing a service plan.


Here's what you will do:

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Have a transition planning conference with your family service coordinator


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Fill out the transition plan in your IFSP


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Look in into local programs and activities that your child may like


Image of a writing paper binderCreate a transition packet (or binder) this has all the records and other information you'll need


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Have another evaluation, if needed, to see if your child still qualifies for services



What to know about timing:

  • Start thinking about transition as soon as your child starts EarlySteps. But when your child is 2, make sure you have talked about this with your FSC.

  • You can start planning formally as early as 9 months before 3rd birthday. (Age 2 years and 3 months)

  • You must have a transition conference with yourFSC at least 3 months before 3rd birthday. (2 years and 9 months)

  • EarlySteps services will stop on your child's 3rd birthday, and the new services can start.


If your child will keep getting services through the school system:

  1. Connect with your local school system. Your FSC will help you connect with your parish's School Board. You'll work with the department that gives students extra support to succeed in school. It may be called Exceptional Student Services (ESS) or Special Education.

  2. Have a Team Meeting with your EarlySteps FSC and the school system.

  3. Create a new plan with the school system. This is like an IFSP, but is called an IEP.

We'll give more detail as you go through this Guide.

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