The Transition Plan and Conference

There is a specific planning process for moving out of EarlySteps and preparing for the next setting.

Your Family Service Coordinator (FSC) will help you through this.

Your IFSP has a Transition Plan and it includes: 

  • A review of options for your family

  • Information about the process of transition

  • Support and other benefits you can get

  • Information that must be sent to your school system or other community providers

  • Specific plan for how your child will get ready for the next setting

 Here's what you can do:

  • Together with your FSC, fill out the transition plan.

  • Make sure to ask questions if there's anything you don't understand.

  • Schedule a transition conference with your FSC.

The Transition Planning Conference:

This is a meeting with your family service coordinator and other people who work with your child. You can invite anyone else who knows your child. Here you will confirm your transition plan.


What happens at this meeting:

  • You'll talk about options for life after EarlySteps. Your child's new setting may be daycare, preschool, being at home (without services), or getting services through the school system.

  • You'll choose activities that will help your child adjust to the new setting. These may include visiting a new program, creating a picture book about the change, or having a goodbye party with their EarlySteps providers.

If you want to transition into the school system:

  • Your contact person from the school system's ESS or Special Education department will also be there. This may be called a liaison, a coordinator or an Local Education Authority (LEA).

  • They will observe your child and explain the special education process.

  • They may give you new forms to sign.

  • You can share the information and reports you have about your child. This is where it helps to have a transition packet or binder.


Source: LDOE, LDH