Talk to others who know your child

You know your child best, but if there are other people who see your child regularly, they can help you think about what you see.  

  • Talk to teachers, caregivers, grandparents, or friends.

  • Ask them how your child compares with other kids their age.

Teachers and daycare providers see lots of children every day. And they see how your child interacts with other kids. They can often tell if a child’s differences are a red flag.

Image of one person speaking out in a crowdImage of an exclamation markBut trust your instincts! If everyone around you says Don't worry! but you're still worried, then talk to your child's doctor. (We'll tell you more about that!)


What are Peers?

Peers are kids who are the same age as your child. You'll often hear people compare a child to their peers.