Check school progress

When kids start 3rd grade, the focus of their education shifts.

This is when you might start to notice a child struggle if they have learning or developmental issues. Up until now, they have been learning to read, and at this point they start reading to learn. This added pressure can make their challenges more obvious.

Here's what you can do:

Look carefully at your child’s progress in school. Talk to their teacher about your concerns. Ask about these things:

  • Academic Work —Are their reading, writing, and math skills way behind?

  • Concentration and Focus —Do they have an unusually hard time focusing on their work?

  • Social Skills —Do they avoid interactions with others, show overly aggressive behavior, or seem painfully anxious around people?

  • Physical Skills —Compared to their peers, do they have trouble doing things like holding a crayon, picking up small objects, or running around the playground?


Make sure to talk to their teacher about any concerns you have.