If the less restrictive options are not enough

As we've said, it's always best to give your child as much decision-making responsibility as they can manage.

If the options we just talked about are not enough, you may want to consider these:

Continuing Tutorship 

  • For kids age 15 and older who have intellectual disabilities.

  • You get the right to make decisions for your child and you can keep these rights after they turn 18.

  • This is the easiest way to get legal permission if you're sure your child will not be able to make their own decisions. The next option, Interdiction, is a little harder to set up.


  • For kids age 18 and older.  You get the right to make certain decisions for your child — or maybe all of them.

  • It's a complicated process and can be expensive. You will usually have to hire a lawyer.

We'll tell you more about these in the next sections.