Gather the paperwork - Petition for interdiction

Now that you've figured out who you want your family member's curator to be, the next step is to fill out the paperwork.

The first part is the writing the petition for interdiction.

Write a document that includes all of the information in this checklist.

Remember, the "interdict" is the person you are trying to have decision-making power over.

"Domicile" means the interdict's current address and parish.

Note: We have written this checklist as if you (the person reading this screen) are the one who is submitting the petition and will be the curator.

Creating a Petition for Interdiction

Include the following information:

  • Your name, domicile, age, and current address

  • Your relationship to the interdict

  • The name, domicile, age, and current address of the interdict

  • The place where the interdict will live if you get the interdiction and become curator

  • Reasons why the interdiction is necessary, including a description of the interdict's disabilities and inability to care for himself

  • If you are requesting full interdiction, explain why a limited interdiction is inappropriate

  • If you are requesting limited interdiction, explain the decision-making responsibilities you are trying to control, and why they should be taken away from the interdict

  • The name and addresses of the interdict's parents and siblings, or nearest adult relative

  • The name and address of the interdict's lawyer

  • The name and address of anyone who had previously been a curator for the interdict. The interdict must sign a statement agreeing that this person had been a curator.

  • The name, domicile, age, education, and current address of the proposed curator and reasons why this curator should be appointed

Source: Jackins (2010), LA Code of Civil Procedure, LA State Bar Association