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Can a person under tutorship or interdiction vote in Louisiana? Yes!

The right to vote is protected by the US Constitution.

In Louisiana this right can only be taken away by a judge with "just cause" (in other words, a good reason).

If you think your child has the capacity to vote, be prepared to tell the judge your argument.

The right to vote belongs to people under limited interdiction and continuing tutorship.

A few notes:

  • For people under full interdiction —they lose the right to vote as long as the full interdiction is in place.

  • Under a limited interdiction —the curator can take over financial or other decisions without interfering with the interdict's right to vote.

  • For continuing tutorships — the rule of thumb is to think about whether your child is capable of exercising his right to vote without undue influence. In other words, can your child understand the consequences of his vote for himself, without you or anyone else influencing that decision? If so, you can allow your child to vote.

  • Your city or town clerk can help with voter registration for people with disabilities.

How to register:


Source: Advocacy Center of LA