Vocational programs

If you're looking for a job, it's important to be familiar with vocational programs.

We'll tell you how to find them later on, but here's a quick look at what they do.

Job Readiness and Job Skills Training: 

  • How to figure out what job is right for you

  • How to search for a job, interview well, and write a resume and cover letter

  • Being responsible — dressing professionally, showing up on time, interacting well with co-workers

  • Basic office skills like typing, filing, and using a computer

Job Matching:

  • Some programs work with certain employers and might be able to match you with a specific job

  • Help finding a job through listings


  • Help you stand up for your rights

  • Help you to apply for — and get — the benefits you qualify for

Peer Support:

  • Someone with a disability who has gone through this can help you one on one

Information and Referral:

  • They can help you find other places to call and get help

How can these programs help you?

  • The skills prepare you to do any kind of job because they apply to working in general.

  • Employers will be more likely to hire you if they know you have been through job-readiness training.

  • You'll learn how to search for the right kind of job and how to advocate for yourself.

Click on the buttons below to see some examples:

These are some examples of programs, but there are more! 

These programs have specific jobs to offer to people, and also coach you on how to find one. They can't guarantee to place you in a job, but they will do their best to help you.

Click on the title to go to their website. (It will open in a new tab or window on your screen.)

Arc of Baton Rouge

  • They have relationships with employers and can find creative ways to find people jobs. They also help you find ways to start up your own small business.

Gateway Transition Center


  • This group has job training and also creates work opportunities with local businesses. Read about Mobile Work Crews and STARCEnclaves.

  • They also have projects where workers package things like Mardi Gras beads or silverware. They also have an Adult Day Vocational Program with more support.

Find a program near you in our Resource Directory. Choose Vocational Program to find specific job programs like these and also organizations that can give you advice.

Click on the titles to go to the websites and learn about these examples. (They will open in a new tab or window on your screen.)

Jacob's Ladder Adult Day Activity

  • Helps adults with ADLs, social interaction, and other skills needed for basic work activities and community involvement.

Metro Enterprises
  • Has day programs and special work opportunities, including recycling, gardening and woodworking projects.

Desoto Habilitation Services

  • As part of a day program, you can do jobs like baking, ironing, shelling peas and pecans or doing janitorial work.

You can find more through the Resource Directory under Vocational Programs.

We'll tell you more, but first we'll talk about how to figure out your job goals.


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