Think about your employment options

There are many types of job options for people with disabilities.

Think about what kind of job you would want.

Types of employment:

  • Paid or volunteer

  • Full-time or part-time

  • Skilled or less skilled

Of course, like any job, it depends on what is available and what kind of skills you have.

Click on the "Job Choice Pictures" link at the bottom of the page to download some pictures to help you start thinking about different kinds of jobs. (It will open in a new tab or appear in the bottom corner of your screen.)

What if you're looking for something to do that's not a job?

Not everyone wants a job or can do something that structured.

Click on the boxes below if you want to learn about other ways to spend your time in a meaningful way:

We understand that not everyone with disabilities can work at a traditional job.

If you're looking for something else, there are some options:

Day Habilitation: a staff person works with you to help you learn independent skills and join community activities

Adult Day Health: a daily group program with activities to keep you learning, socializing and being part of a community

Sheltered Workshop: a supervised workplace for adults with disabilities

Volunteer work: some companies are open to taking on volunteers

Here's what you can do:

  • See the Housing and Supported Living Guide. This explains how to get services like Day Habilitation and Adult Day Health.

  • Look in the Resource Directory under Adult Care & Services, and Vocational Programs.

  • Keep reading this Guide. Don't be discouraged by the Goals section, which is geared more for typical employment. But do think about your strengths and interests! Everyone has them.

Click on the button below for some examples of less formal work activities.

Click on the titles to go to the websites and learn about these examples.

(They will open in a new tab or window on your screen.)

Jacob's Ladder Adult Day Activity

Helps adults with ADLs, social interaction, and other skills needed for basic work activities and community involvement.

Metro Enterprises

Has day programs and special work opportunities, including recycling, gardening and woodworking projects.

Desoto Habilitation Services

As part of a day program, you can do jobs like baking, ironing, shelling peas and pecans or doing janitorial work.

You can find more through the Resource Directory under Vocational Programs.


Source: Moving Students Forward