If you can't get LRS services

LRS services can be hard to get.

The state has a certain amount of money for this program, and it can't always cover everyone who needs the help.

They have to choose the people most in need.

Here's what you can do:

  • If you think you can make a better case for your needs, call them back and ask to talk to the intake person again. Make sure you have described your limitations in detail. Tell them if you have no other services.

  • If your situation changes, try again. Tell them if you lose other support services, your caregiver, or your home. Or if there's a change in your health or abilities.

  • Call a support organization like an Independent Living Center, The Arc, or Families Helping Families. They can help you find other services or programs. See this section in the menu: Other Support Organizations.

  • Search for Vocational Programs in the Exceptional Lives Resource Directory.

Source: Arc of Baton Rouge