Connect with local organizations

As we said before, this process is not easy!

It can be confusing and frustrating. Don't give up — just get more help.

Even though you might have connected with the government offices, it can help to talk with other people who do this work.

There are so many organizations in Louisiana who are doing excellent work to support people with disabilities!

You can search for all different kinds on our Resource Directory. (We'll tell you how in the next page!) 

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Who to call for help?



Here, we're listing a few organizations that can answer many of the questions you might have.

Tell them what kind of help you need, and they'll tell you who else you should call.

Centers for Independent Living can provide the following: 1. Help with transition to adult life 2. Job training and placement. 3. Help finding housing. 4. Support for independent living.

Centers for Independent Living in Louisiana

Call the one nearest you:

This link goes to a directory with addresses, and more contact information about all these centers:

Source: ILRU (Independent Living Research Utilization) program

The Arcs provide the following services. 1. Help with transition to adult life. 2. Job training and placement. 3. Help with education and other services. 4. Respite care.

The Arc of Louisiana has 20 chapters in the state.

Contact the main office and ask which one is closest to you. Tell them what kind of help you need.

Or click the link at the bottom of the screen to download a list of chapters: (It will open in a new tab or appear in the bottom corner of your screen.)

Image of Families helping Families logo beside the text: Parent support groups and trainings, help with education and other services, they offer free help and advice for many kinds of needs.

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There are 10 Families Helping Families (FHF) programs around the state

Call your nearest office and ask if they are the one serving your parish.


Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council

  • Programs to support employment goals and independent living

  • Call: 225-342-6804or go to their website:

Click on the box below to learn more:

These organizations have many ways to help you, and mostly for free.

The services may be a little different, depending on your regional center, but here are some examples:

  • Information and Referral: They will talk with you and help you find what you need

  • Peer counseling: They can match you with someone who has been in your situation and can help

  • Vocational support: training, job placement and support on the job

  • Advocacy: Helping you to fix problems and make sure your rights are being met

  • Transition: If you are moving from one situation to another, they can help you with the details. For example, if you have been living with parents or in a nursing home and want to move to a place of your own.

Some of them have other services as well. For example, they may have a job board you can use to see jobs that are available. Or they may have specialized services for people who are blind or visually impaired or deaf/hard of hearing.

Some may have people you can hire to help you at the workplace. These are called attendants. Sometimes your insurance can pay for this service, especially if you have a Medicaid plan like Healthy Louisiana.

Source: Centers for Independent Living, New Horizons, Arc of Louisiana