Applying for a Medicaid Waiver

Here's what you can do:

  • Call your Human Services District Office (HSD).See the list of regional offices in the picture below.

  • Tell them you want to apply for a Medicaid Waiver.

  • Ask them what other services you might qualify for.

Here's what to expect:

  • They will meet with you to see if you qualify for a Medicaid Waiver or other services.

  • If your you qualify, your name will go on a on await list (the Registry). The wait lists can be very long — sometimes 10 years or more!

  • You'll get a letter from the Human Services District office at least once a year. You must respond to confirm that you still want to be on the list!

To find your regional HSD Office:

Map of Louisiana with the different regions and their corresponding Human Services District Office. To find yours, the Directory link above.


See our Medicaid Waivers Guide to learn more about this whole process.


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