Learning Goals and Standards

Students on this pathway may take classes that are not the traditional academic ones.

Or they may take academic classes that are adapted for their level. Of course, it depends on their abilities and what goals are written in their IEP.

Here are some things they may learn:

  • Life skills: anything from basic self-care to cooking their own meals

  • Communication strategies: verbal or non-verbal

  • Social skills

  • Job readiness: how to act, dress and talk to co-workers

  • Academic courses like math and English, but adapted to their level

What Academic Standards Would the School Use?

For academic topics, the school may use the Louisiana Connectors for Students With Significant Disabilities.

These are learning standards that are adapted for different levels of ability. For example, if a normal 9th grade standard skill for English would be to read and comprehend a grade-level book, the Connector standard may be to read and comprehend a book that's adapted for the student's level.

Click here to see a list of the Connectors and read some case studies of different kinds of students who are on the Alternate Assessment pathway. 

Scroll down until you see the section shown below. Then keep scrolling down to see each grade level. The Case Studies are below this section.

Image of Louisiana Connectors homepage that shows case studies and where to download them


Source: LDOE