Keep track of your child's habits with pictures and videos

Images of a hand holding a phone, a camera, a video camera, and two polaroid pictures.

For a child with autism, big changes in speech, personality, and behavior can happen overnight!

It might be a good idea to start keeping a record of your child and their growth. This can help when the doctor asks you if a certain behavior is new, or when your child started doing a certain thing (like flapping their hands).

Here's what you can do:

  • Take a short video of your child every 3 months. Videos can be of anything — your child playing at home, sitting in a therapy session, or joining your family at a big event.

  • Try to capture new abilities or habits that you think the doctor or therapist might want to know about.

  • Label the recording with their name and the date you took it so you can keep track!


Source: Autism Speaks


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