Visit preschools with your child

If possible, visit the preschools you're thinking about.

Try to visit at times when you can watch program activities. Ask if your child can join in to try them out.

This is a big decision!

It can make a big difference in your child's early growth and skill-building. Take your time with this and try to visit as many schools as you can. Ask other parents for advice on what programs they liked and didn't like.

Here are some questions you can ask while visiting pre-schools:Image of parent character Paula beside the text 'Here are some questions you can ask while visiting pre-schools: Does it feel right for my child? Do they like this school? Do the children get rewarded for good behaviors? Do the students and teachers seem accepting of kids who are different? Can the school staff help my child with things they can't do (ex.going to the bathroom, eating)? Are the teachers open to talking with me when I have questions? Can I get here easily if I need to?'    

When you're ready to choose a school, work with them to make sure you apply on time and complete all the paperwork.


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