Colleges with disability services

Most schools have a disability services center where your child can get help as they start college.

There are often services to help students who need extra support:

  • They could be allowed to take their tests in a private classroom, or get extra time.

  • They could have a volunteer note-taker write down the notes from each class. Your child won't know the note-taker personally and will not have to tell their classmates that they have a disability.

Make sure the services your child needs are available at the college they choose!

Click on the boxes below to learn more. Download a checklist of services you may want to ask about, and see a list of colleges in the Capital Region that have services for students with disabilities.

These are colleges in the Capital Region who have offices that support students with disabilities.

Click on the name to go to their disability services web page (it will open in a new tab on your computer.)

Or call the number to talk to them.

Nicholls State University is the only school in Louisiana with a CTP Program. The program is called Bridge to Independence.

Source: BRAF

Consider a Comprehensive Transition and Post-Secondary (CTP) Program

A CTP Program is a special program of study that some colleges offer. It's designed for students with learning or social issues, and gives them extra support. It includes services like:

  • academic advising

  • a chance to take some specialized classes and some typical classes

  • internships or job training

  • social skills mentoring

Nicholls University is the only college in Louisiana with a CTP Program. Click on the green text above to learn more.

Paying for College

  • Students with autism can get federal grants to help pay for college.

  • Your child must be enrolled in an approved CTP Program to get these.

Go to this Federal Student Aid website to learn more about these grants and find a list of all U.S. colleges that offer CTP programs. (It will open in a new tab on your screen.)


Sources: BRAF, Federal Student Aid


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