Financial help for autism services

Search for grants and financial help

Hopefully your insurance will pay for most of the treatments and services for your child with autism.


The next step is look for government benefits like Medicaid Waivers or Family Assistance form the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD).


If you still need help paying for what your child needs, there are foundations that can help! Some offer grants, or money to pay for certain things.


Click on the box text below for a list of places that offer grants to families of children with autism:

Click on the title for more information, or call the number listed.


Act-Today for Autism

Grants for families with incomes below $100,000.For ABA, speech, OT, medicine, and home-safety devices.



Asperger/Autism Network Family Grant Programs

Family grants for children with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism

"Rainy Day Fund" for Adults with Asperger Syndrome in crisis ($50-$100)



Children’s Charity Fund

Funds for educational or medical supplies, open to all incomes



Autism Speaks

This group keeps a database of foundations and agencies that offer financial support for families of children with autism



First Hand Foundation

Helps low income families pay for medical/psychiatric services, adapting a vehicle, transportation or items not covered by insurance

816- 201-1569


Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

Special savings accounts that double how much you save and help you buy a lifelong asset, like a home



National Autism Association

One-time grants up to $1,000 to families with incomes of $50,000 or less, to help support medical treatment, lab testing, supplements or therapy


Social Security Disability Insurance

Federal benefits to families of a child with a disability. (Income-dependent)


United HealthCare Children’s Foundation

For families of children 16 or younger who have private or employer-paid insurance



Wish Upon a Hero Foundation

Grants for people and families in need



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