If you've been on the registry for a long time

You'll want to make sure the registry has your contact information and that they've assessed your family member.

Has the registry office contacted you to do a SUN assessment? If not, call them!

  • They have been going through the whole waitlist and doing new assessments to see who needs what kind of services.

  • The assessment is called a SUN: Screen for Urgency of Need. I score of 0 means that your needs are not urgent at the moment but you will need them at some point. The highest score is 4. this mean you have urgent needs for services right away. Most people with this score will get the services very soon.

  • This information will now help them decide when your child will get services, and which ones they need.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Get in touch with your local waivers office. Make sure they have an accurate and recent description of what your child needs and why.

  • If you have not done an assessment with the OCDD in the past year then make sure to schedule one.

  • Make sure they have your correct address! People move a lot, especially with all the flooding in the past few years. Call the office and confirm that your address is correct.

  • If your needs change or become more urgent for any reason, call the office and tell them.

  • Whenever you call the waivers office with new information: Get a confirmation in writing, or get the name of the person you talked to. Keep these records!

Click this link for a list of HSD offices. (It will open in a new tab.)