Alternate Assessment Pathway - LEAP Connect

The Alternate Assessment or LEAP Connect Pathway is for students who have more severe learning or intellectual disabilities.

(It used to be called LAA 1.)

If your child's disability affects their ability to follow the standard requirements for the diploma, they can take this route.

  • This is only for students on the Jumpstart pathway or for those who are not working toward a diploma.

  • Students will have different course requirements and take modified assessment tests.

  • The courses can be geared toward skills that they can use to meet their personal goals. They may focus on life skills more than academic skills.

  • Students CAN earn a diploma, but their transcript will reflect this alternate assessment status. It will show a less rigorous course of study and they will not have a Grade Point Average (GPA).


Here's what you can do:

  • Talk to your IEP team and ask about this. Make sure that it is the right thing for your child.

  • If your IEP team suggests this route, but you think your child can do the regular  Jumpstart pathway, you should push for that. Ask about supports like Act 833 and accommodations for classroom learning and testing.

  • See the other FAQs about Act 833, Accommodations, and Alternate Assessments.