The IFSP meeting

You will meet with your EI service coordinator to talk about your child's needs, agree on services and fill out the IFSP form.

What to expect: 

  • The meeting is usually in your home, but you can have it somewhere else if you like.

  • Your EI service coordinator and maybe some other specialists will be there. You can invite anyone else you want who knows your family and could help you.

  • The IFSP team will help you to think about your family's strengths, challenges and needs.

  • You will fill in the IFSP form together and make sure it feels right.

What you can do:

  • Click the button below to download a Sample IFSP form. Look at the form and see what kinds of things you will talk about.

Sample IFSP Form

  • Think about your child and your family: your strengths, concerns, and what kind of support you think you need.

  • Click the link at the bottom of the page to read this IFSP Guidance brochure. On page 7, it lists some questions you can think about.

IFSP Guidance

  • If you want, invite people to the meeting who know your child, like a grandparent, teacher or supportive friend.

  • Don't worry! This is a great step to help your child and your family!

Signing the IFSP Form

On the last page of the IFSP, you must sign off on a few things.

  • You must check boxes to confirm that EI gave you certain papers to explain your rights and give you notice about the meeting.

  • There's a box to check to give your consent for the program to get payment from your insurance, if needed. (Remember: EI services are free. If your insurance doesn't pay, the Department of Public Health will.)

  • Then you check if you agree with the plan as it's written. Most of the time you will "accept the services described."

If you have any questions, your service coordinator will explain what these mean.

Image of a notepad and pencil
Remember - The IFSP is your document! It is based on your concerns and goals. You can ask for an IFSP meeting at any time!


What happens next?

  • You will start getting the services!


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