If your child is over 3

Early Intervention is for kids from 0-3 years old.

If your child is over 3, you can still get support services! You will go through the public school system.

Most kids don't enter the school system until they start kindergarten at age 5. But if your child has special needs, they may qualify for special education services at age 3.

Even if your child has started school, it's not too late to get services.

What you can do:

  • See our other Guide: How to Get Special Education Services. It will tell you what to do. (Go to Tools at the top of your screen and choose Topics & Guides.)

  • Call your school district. Ask for the Office or Department of Special Education. Ask how you can start the process to see if your child qualifies for services.

  • Call Family TIES and ask for advice: 1-800-905-TIES (8437)

  • Click on the link below to download "A Parent's Guide to Special Education."


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