The Guardian's Care Plan Report

If you are the guardian, you will have to fill out a Care Plan Report.

This describes your family member's living arrangements, services, medicines, etc.

You fill it out right away (the initial 60 day Care Plan Report), and then again every year (the Annual Report).

  1. Click the button at the end of the page to download a PDF copy of the guardian's Care Plan Report.

  2. Check the box for Initial 60-Day Care Plan and fill out the form.

  3. Give a copy of the completed form to your family member by hand or certified mail. (Ask for a return receipt if it's by certified mail.)

  4. Complete the last section, called Certificate of Services.This tells the Court that you delivered a copy to your family member.

  5. Make a copy for your records.

  6. File the Care Plan Report with the Court that appointed you to be the guardian. Do this within 60 days of the hearing.

  7. Mark your calendar for when this form is due again next year as the Annual Report. The Court will not send a reminder.

Sources: Federation for Children with Special Needs, Jackins (2010), MA Guardianship Association