DDS autism services

DDS is the Department of Developmental Services.

DDS offers services to children with developmental disabilities and their families. This includes children with autism.

  • These services are to help families care for their child at home, and take part in community activities.

  • There are Autism Support Centers throughout the state. They're helpful for anyone, but can offer more support to children who have applied for DDS services.

  • There is a process of applying. Once you have applied and your child is registered, they can get the services as long as they still qualify. Once they turn 18, they will have to re-apply for adult services.

  • It's best to apply as early as possible, even if your child doesn't need many services at this time.

DDS offers education, respite care, recreational activities, and support group services.

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There are 4 regions of DDS in Massachusetts.

Each one has a Regional Eligibility Team, who will be in charge of your application.

To apply for DDS services:

  1. Call your nearest DDS Office. Use this DDS Area Locator to find one near you. (Click on the underlined part to open this web page in a new window.)

  2. Tell them you want to apply for DDS services, and ask them which application to use.

  3. Click the links at the bottom of the page to download a PDF copy of the application you need.

The application will ask you for much of the same information that you have collected already for EI. If you have an EI binder, this will be easy!

What to expect:

  • You will get a call from a Regional Eligibility Team member.

  • They will schedule a meeting with you to go over your application.

  • They will make a decision within 60 days to see if your child qualifies. If they qualified for EI, they may also qualify for DDS services.

  • They will assign a coordinator to help you with your services.

For more information, call  your local DDS office.   (Click on the underlined part to open the website in a new tab on your screen.)


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