Special Education Guide - Introduction

First, know that there is help for your child and support for you as a parent. You are not alone!

Picture of a teacher, a parent and a child sitting around a table. The teacher s holding a book. Text says: If your child struggles with learning, there are many ways you can support them, and many things the school can do to help.  We

Things to know first:

  • You and your child have rights.

  • The school has responsibilities.

  • These are protected and required by a law called IDEA: the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Image of two parents with their child, two hands holding each other, and a school building. Text says: The goal is to work in partnership with your child


The goal is to work in partnership with the school to create a plan that will support your child's needs.

We'll tell you about the whole process, whether you are just starting out or are already getting services.