Kinds of services your child may get

There are many kinds of special services that can help your child.

Here are some examples: One on one or groups sessions with learning specialists. A special education teacher working with your child and others in the classroom. Therapies like speech, occupational therapy, or physical therapy. A plan to help with behavior issues. Counseling for coping with social or emotional issues. Help with special devices or equipment a child may need.

Here are some examples of accommodations:

  • a specific placement for your child's desk

  • equipment to help reduce distraction (like headphones)

  • more time to take tests

  • audio or video supports (can read instructions out loud, or take notes by voice recording)

You and the school team will develop a specific plan that describe the services your child needs. Remember, these are just some examples!

Sources: Federation for Children with Special Needs, Casey Family Programs