Prepare your materials

You may have noticed that there is a lot of paperwork!

It can be helpful at the meeting and through the whole process to have a way to organize it all.

Many parents create an IEP binder: a three-ring binder with folders to keep all of the paperwork together.

Here is what you can do. 1. Put the following documents in the IEP binder: Previous progress reports from the school. Notes from meetings or conferences. Evaluation results. Reports from outside service proivders, like therapists. Medical documents and test results. Emails, letters, or other input from teachers or school staff that may be relevent. And most important, you list of thoughts and questions from the last screen. 2. It is also helpful to get familiar with the IEP form before the meeting. Click the box below to download a copt of the Massachusetts IEP form.


What should I put in my IEP binder? Pictures of your child for the cover, Previous year's IEPs (if they were done), evaluation results, Emails or letters from the school, reports from outside sources (therapists), medical documents, Neuropsychological test results, The list of questions you wrote down (from the last screen), progress reports from the school.

We'll tell you more about each part of the IEP form.


Source: Federation for Children with Special Needs