Paperwork to get from the school before the meeting

The school should send you a copy of the IEP draft and the evaluation reports before the meeting.

If they have not, ask for them! You have a right to get these before the meeting. You should be able to look at them so you know what questions to ask.

Here's what you can do:

  • If the school has not given you a copy of both of these , call your school contact or your child's teacher and ask for it.

  • For the IEP draft:

    • Look it over to make sure your contact information is correct.

    • See what they wrote for Parent Concerns and make sure you agree.

    • Look at the goals and services they wrote.

    • Don't worry if there is a lot on the form that doesn't make sense! There are many details the school needs to add, and a lot of confusing language.

  • For the evaluation report:

    • There will probably be a few different reports from different specialists.

    • Read through them. Again, a lot may not make sense but the team will explain it.

  • Write a list of questions to ask at the meeting.

  • Think of what you may want to change or add and write notes.

We'll go over the IEP form in the next section. Then you can know which pages are the most important ones for you to look at and understand.