Prepare for reviews and re-evaluations

1) Annual IEP Review: Every year, you will have a meeting to review the IEP with the team.  2) 3-Year Evaluation: Every 3 years, the school must do a full evaluation and see if your child still needs services.


What you can do before the review or evaluation:

  • Check your IEP binder and make sure you have all your information ready. If you are missing an official document, like evaluation results, you can request copies from the child's school or district special education office.

  • Review the Progress Reports.

    • Identify your child's needs and your questions.

    • Prepare your materials.

    • Bring in outside support, if needed.

    • Ask for a team meeting before the review if you want to.

  • Ask for a Team meeting if you have concerns, even if it's between the annual meetings.

  • Get a copy of the evaluation reports before you meet with the team. Ask questions at the meeting to make sure you understand what they mean.


Sources: Federation for Children with Special Needs, MA DESE