Stay involved, get support and learn more

There are many resources to support families of children getting special education services.

Check them out. You can learn more and connect with others.


You don't have to be alone! There are many other parents out there who have been through this and are happy to share what they know.


What you can do:

  1. Join your district's Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC).This is a parent group that every school district is required by law to have.

  2. Look up your SEPAC online. Start from your school district's website, and search from there. Or ask your child's teacher or principal for the SEPAC contact info.

  3. Use the SEPAC as a resource and support network. Other parents can help you learn about the special ed process, and share other resources.

  4. Connect with Family Ties of Massachusetts. They have parent support groups, parent training and other resources to support you and your family. Call: 1-800-905-TIES (8437)


Also see the other section above called Connecting with Support Organizations and Other Parents.


Sources: Children's Law Center of MA, Federation for Children with Special Needs, MA DESE